To The Client (You)

Dial Da DJ continues to grow and develop into a company that prides itself on using the industry standard equipment and lighting, which means NO cheap ipods and poor quality DJ’s.

At Dial Da DJ our main concern is the fulfilment of all of our clients needs and requests, to provide you with an acceptable DJ and/or MC service.

Dial Da DJ  vs other forms of entertainment


Cheaper, can play more styles of music, access to more songs, DJ’s don’t require breaks, songs by original artists, no covers! Clients know DJ, more personalised service. Possibility of a sick band member is greater than a possibility of a sick DJ.


DJ can play to the crowd, who wants to listen to bad music selections? With a Dial Da DJ you choose your songs. You have better sound quality, and your Dial Da DJ comes with suitable requests on the night so it’s your personalised jukebox.


Who wants Nan singing Celine Dion? Or the drunk cousin on the microphone?


Does not mix your party tunes, constantly fiddling with your ipod for the right songs, sound quality is questionable, and you pay for what you get. Our experienced DJ’s know what songs fit the right mood (which means you don’t have to worry about the expense of changing songs the whole night.)

View our Tips and Tricks for a successful wedding, and how Dial Da DJ can help make this happen!

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