DJ Equipment

To help make your function an enjoyable one, the type of equipment that your DJ will provide you can either make or break a night. If the quality isn’t up to standard, it’s hard to hear speeches, and the dance floor can be dull and uninviting, not to mention it’s not what you paid for.

We promise this will not be the case. Our sound and DJ setups are deemed to be the standard in the entertainment industry, and pack an amazing sound.

Every DDD DJ will have a setup similar if not the same setup as this.

  • 2x Pioneer CDJ1000’s
  • 1x Pioneer DJM600 Mixer
  • 1x Wireless microphone
  • 2x JBL 800Watt Speakers
  • 2x High quality lighting + T-bar Stand
  • 1x Lazor light
  • Thousands of songs to play from on the night!

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