Can we select the songs that we want you to play?

Of course! Dial Da DJ wants to know that you and your guests are getting the services and music that they want to hear.

There is nothing worse than a DJ who only plays music that THEY want to hear.

A good professional DJ can incorporate your requests, and offer a mix to fit your particular crowd accordingly. Dial Da DJ observes the crowd and will cater to your needs throughout the night.

We’d like to book, however, can we see you work first?

Dial Da DJ is more than happy to accommodate in allowing potential clients to see our work. This is a great experience to show that you are getting a professional service and value in our work, and also a way to showcase our skills.

The only concern is that venues and often clients do not like ‘wedding crashers’ to intervene in wedding receptions and functions. In saying this, Dial Da DJ is in the midst of putting together a demo CD for your listening pleasure. Just ask us to forward you a copy.

Can we meet before booking?

Definitely! Choosing a DJ is a very important decision. At a preliminary interview, we can discuss venue and setup requirements, running schedules and music you would like to be played on the night.

On the contact us page please send through an enquiry to arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss what Dial Da DJ can offer you and your guests.

How do we book Dial Da DJ services?

Dial Da DJ operates on a first come first served policy, Bookings can be held until confirmed with a deposit, but don’t hesitate as dates can be filled up quickly. A deposit of $200 is generally required, and no deposit is confirmed until the contract and booking contract are both received.

This constitutes an agreement between Dial Da DJ and the client and a receipt for payment will be issued, and documents will be forwarded to your address accordingly.

I’ve Booked ‘Live’ Entertainment As Well – Can you work with them?

Dial Da DJ is comfortable in working with any type of act that is booked to appear at the same event. Dial Da DJ will have no problem working with other entertainment/entertainers, but it is definitely a good idea to let each of the various entertainers know about the other(s) and possibly even offer their contact details to each other to work out possible equipment sharing or so on.

What are your sound capacities?

Generally at any function or reception you want the music to be loud and thumping (For the dancing) – However, if at any point during the event, you feel that it is too loud or guests have complained, don’t hesitate to tell your DJ to turn it down, no offence will be taken as part of the DJ and your needs will be met with accordingly.

What Will It Cost?

No hidden fees, they are all outlined in the pricing section. Only the initial deposit which is $200 is required when confirming your booking, the final balance is not required till 3 weeks prior to your event.

What if you can’t make it?

In over 200+ events Dial Da DJ has never missed one. Not turning up for a performance would have a dramatic effect on our reputation, and we make every endeavour to turn up, rain, hail or shine.